Geotechnical investigations of the foundation soil for all kinds of structures: An examination of the foundation soil in boreholes and probe shafts is carried out as well as samples taken for laboratory investigations. Based on the results of the field and laboratory investigations a geotechnical report is prepared on the foundation soil composition, foundation requirements, protection of construction pit or landslide rehabilitation. The report is drawn up in accordance with the requirements of the applicable standards (EC7).

Geotechnical design for all kinds of structures: It comprises deep founding of structures,  structures for protection of a construction pit, and retaining structures for landslide rehabilitation as well as foundation soil improvements for all design phases (preliminary design, project for acquisition of a building permit, project for execution, project of implemented work)) The most common structures designed are reinforced concrete anchored pile walls, jet grout anchored walls, anchored shotcrete slopes.

Geotechnical surveillance: The geotechnical surveillance is carried out during the construction stage itself.